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Tianjin School for the Visually Impaired

Introduction to Tianjin School for the Visually Impaired, formerly named Tianjin School for the Blind, as Recruitment Prospectus.

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Principal: Wang Linlin

Party Secretary:?Lu?ruilin

Vice Party Secretary: Lu Xiyao

Tianjin School for the Visually Impaired, short for TSVI and formerly named Tianjin School for the Blind, was founded on Oct 20,1958 providing education to the visually impaired kids and teenagers as the sole one of this kind in Tianjin. TSVI is also Tianjin Model School of Special Education affiliated with Tianjin Massage Vocational School for the Blind and Tianjin Low Vision School, which is comparably influential within China.

TSVI stands at 2,?meijiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, with a campus of 21005m2 and building area of 12000 m2.

Currently TSVI has 13 classes with 148 students in primary, junior and vocational senior sections.


1. Comprehensive Building(over 4000 m2): with massage practice rooms for the vocational students, labs of physics, chemistry, biology, specialized teaching rooms of multimedia, low vision, electronic organ, computer, teaching aids, books, housewifery, medical samples and massage techniques, etc as well as a sunshine building-up room in it.

2. Teaching Building (5 floored): with over 20 spacious and bright classrooms.

3. Art and Sports Activity Center (3 floored): with a swimming hall, a gate ball hall and rehearsal hall of art.

4. Students' Dormitory Building: with over 40 rooms, besides activity rooms, shower bath rooms, washing rooms and rest rooms, etc.

5. Dining Hall: with a capacity of over 200 people at a time.

6. Playground: with 200m plastic track and grass field.

TSVI's infrastructure has come up to domestic advanced level.

School Ethos: polite, industrious, disciplined, ambitious.

School Mottos: self-esteem, independent, industrious, disciplined.

TSVI emphasizes students' quality education, pays special attention to individualized instruction and manages compensation education to make sure every single student will develop himself on his own basis to have one speciality (of one special technique, for instance, massage, music, literature, law, crafts, etc), two abilities (of social adaptation, independent study and living) and three qualifieds (on moral, intelligent and physical aspect). In TSVI, there're over 10 groups of interest, of which students in 6-dot literature society has published more than 50 articles in national rank publications and various kinds of writing competitions, and students in the bands of instrumental music and vocality have been rewarded 1st-3rd prizes, Extra Excellence Award as well as other prizes summed over 80 in total in 1st-4th National Report Performance of the Disabled, and students in teams of track and swimming has won over 20 gold, silver or bronze metals in international Olympic Games of the Disabled and Far-South Games, etc.

Our students broke up the impossibilities of blind dancing by their performance of Watching the Sea and tap dance To the Sun, which gained great reputation by their tour shows with China Disabled People's Art Troupe. So far, more than 450 students in total 38 batches graduated from TSVI, of whom 32 were enrolled by Changchun University, or Beijing Union University, etc. Most graduated students're employed by different means and their will of being independent and serving others is fulfilled. TSVI is called the cradle for the blind massage therapists. In 1990 TSVI was appointed as national experimental base of blind massage by China Disabled Person's Federation and approved in the first batch as member of National Massage Education Society.

Ag8.TV|官网提供ag视讯|优惠Ag|开户TSVI takes research in careful consideration. Low vision research was developed in 1993, in which relative teachers're gathered to study and discuss teaching methods reform of multi-way and low vision education. TSVI's methods were introduced by national education committee in national low-vision education workshop opened in this school. In 1997 TSVI instituted and implemented Technical Secondary School Skills Graduation Evaluation Scheme for the Blind, which was to access students' theoretical knowledge, practical operation, expression, writing, communication and mentality and turned to be a success. In 1998 TSVI was burdened Research of Labor and Vocation Education for Children with III Disabilities and its sub-research, one of national nine-five key tasks. Research group of education of labor skill and vocation was formed to carry out experimental vocational enlightenment education, and the report was published on China Special Education and approved by experts. In 2000 co-compiled Generality on Labor in Schools of Special Education and Vocational Education was published by Tianjin People's Press.

For those in difficult livings, TSVI established Founds for Most Difficult Students in 1997. More than 30 students with difficulties were helped to afford many terms of living and study expenses. They, also covered by scholarship of Diligence Cup, have the right to be educated as well as care and love from others. On official orders, students engaged in 9-year voluntary education system has exempted from incidental expenses.

Since her coming into being, TSVI has been visited by Duncan Watson, president of the World Blind Union, and experts in education for the blind from over 20 countries as Britain, German, Japan, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, etc, and shared experiences with visiting colleagues of fellow schools.

TSVI plans to make full use of resources to increasingly expand our scale, create various ways, develop education services of different visual impairment types and for the multi-disabled in order to grow up to be a resource center of education for those with visual impairment, a advisory center for them and their parents, a training center of vocational massage. TSVI is to provide more appropriate, more comprehensive, more convenient educational conditions and opportunities and make more contributions.

Provided by TSVI as Recruitment Prospectus

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